Can you offer help?

WCA is working with St Peters Church to recruit volunteers and offer help to residents during the coronavirus lockdown.

Phone 01935 475219 if you would like to add your name to the volunteer list, or if you know someone who needs help.

Can you support the local food bank?

Westfield Co-op has a collection point by the tills for food donations.

Any dry or tinned food, but no fresh foodstuffs – please support if you can.

Westfield Community Pocket Park

Westfield Community Association in collaboration with a number of supportive partners has made a successful application to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for a grant to create a small park on the rough land next to Westfield Co-op. We shall be planning and creating with some speed, and look forward to providing a safe, healthy and sensory space at the heart of the community, for residents, visitors, wildlife and nature.

There are two core aspects to this project: a) creation of the park and b) sustaining and maintaining the park in the long-term. This will only be possible with help, support, enthusiasm and interest from the wider community, so we hope that you might think about ways in which you would enjoy contributing to its use and success.

We could have a ‘bug hotel’
Boon Brown Architects have drawn a possible scale model.
Timber Trail.
Something for all ages!!

The next WCA meeting takes place in St Peter’s Community Centre at 7pm on Thursday March 5th 2020. Two days later, Saturday March 7th 2020, at 10.30am in the grounds of Westfield Academy, we hope that the rain will stay away as we ‘Walk the Park’ – in effect, an opportunity for residents and other interested parties to give opinion, ideas and practical advice on how the park might develop and look. From 11.30am, we can follow up with informal discussion over a cup of tea at St Peter’s Community Centre. Perhaps you will then want to consider volunteering a little of your time as the park evolves. It might even be fun !

Even if volunteering is far from your thoughts, it would be wonderful to meet as many of you as possible on one or both of those occasions.
Should you seek further information before March 5th/7th, please contact Mike Chant via email

2021 Update: We are once again making progress with Pocket Park planning, and the importance of volunteering early in 2021 has become critical. Once the site has been cleared, secured and fenced, we look forward to being creative: horticulturally, artistically, healthily, socially, event-provision, sharing ideas and much more. Do please make yourself known – You will be very welcome !